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If you have visited an ED clinic in any state and cannot reach them anymore for ex, GA, FL, MI, SC, NYC, MD, NJ, MA, OH to name a few, we can gladly assist you in REFILLING YOUR MEDICATION

Men’s Health PLUS is a certified Erectile Dysfunction clinic servicing men in the fields of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Our facility also provides continued care and medication refills to patients located within the United States. Please call us to discuss your medication or to obtain further information..

Our Expert Medical Staff can easily match your medication and can even make wanted adjustments like increased firmness and duration.

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*Men’s Health PLUS is not affiliated with Men’s Medical, nor are we an operating partner. Our clinic has zero ties to Dr. Kevin Hornsby, Olympia Pharmacy, or any other staff members of Men’s Medical in any location or state.